Kind, not mined

All our diamonds are lab grown. So they’re not only beautiful, they’re better for the planet too.

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the duchess, Meghan Markle


Quality and design, always

We don’t make trade-offs and neither should you. Safeguarding the planet can look and feel good. All Kimai pieces are handcrafted with 18k gold in Antwerp, Belgium, the home of fine jewelry.


making better choices

Kimai is a collective of conscious, ambitious and curious people, looking to live luxuriously – differently. We use lab-grown diamonds because they do less harm to the world around us. And all our packaging is recyclable.


All about you

We make all our pieces and we bring them directly to you, here. Cutting out the middleman, so you can skip the third party mark-ups. Fairly made; then fairly priced.

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