Lab grown diamonds

Mining the science instead

Diamond = Carbon dioxide + high temperature + high pressure

Traditionally, these conditions have only been produced at depths of 150-250km below the earth’s surface. Where diamonds take 1-3.5 billion years to form.

By replicating the mining environment in a lab, we are able to make diamonds identical in colour, cut, carat and clarity (the 4Cs) to their mined cousins - without the social and environmental impact

Clarity of Origin

Diamonds you can trace all the way back

When you look at a diamond, you can't see if, or how, its mining has destroyed ecosystems or wild habitats. And you can't tell a blood diamond from the rest: one that's the product of child labor, forced labor and human rights violations.

But when you wear Kimai, you can be sure you're wearing diamonds done differently. Because ours are grown in a lab, we know they don't have a damaging impact on our environment and our communities.

How does it work?

Grab your lab coat

A lab-grown diamond is grown from a small carbon seed being placed in a press. Heated to an unseasonable 1400 degrees. As metal melts, carbon dissolves into a high purity source – soon to be a diamond. 

Each Kimai diamond forms in its own way, making every one unique.