At Kimaï, we create jewelry that leaves an impression but doesn’t leave a mark on the world.

We’re from Antwerp, Belgium. The global capital of fine jewelry. Growing up in the world of diamonds – with families in the industry – we came to realise how our native trade could be better. More ethical. Fairer. We wanted to do things differently. By bringing together the designs we love, and the ideas we believe in.

“We wanted fine jewelry with a contemporary attitude - to style, and to the planet. We found Kimaï.”

All our diamonds have the same purity and quality as those mined from the earth. In fact, they’re identical in all ways but one – Kimai diamonds are much kinder to the planet. That’s because mining diamonds displaces land, wastes water, and pollutes the air. Not to mention puts a strain on local communities. So, by doings things differently, we want to help make a world that’s more sustainable, ethical and fair.

Have a look around – and join us on our journey.


Sidney & Jessica